When You Just Don’t Feel Like Writing…

Isn’t it the most annoying thing? That feeling of lethargy when you think you ought to be writing but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. I hate it but I disagree with so many authors that say you need to force your way through it and write no matter how you’re feeling. I love writing, it’s a huge part of my life but my health will always come first. It has to or I won’t be able to carry on writing.

If I force myself to write when I really don’t want to then I feel depressed. I’m never happy with what I wrote and my mood is soured for the rest of the day. So I have a rule: I don’t write when I don’t want to. And yes, I still feel guilty about not writing sometimes but I know I shouldn’t. It’s okay to take a break.

I seem to be in a list-y mood this week so here’s another one.

The Things I do When I’ve Got the Writing Blues

1. Grab the paints

My creativity is a funny little creature. It seems to only be able to express itself through one medium at a time. I’ll go through periods where I can write but can’t draw to save a cat up a tree (that’s a thing. Promise.) On the flip side I’ll have periods when I can draw but words are zapped away before they hit the screen. The solution? When I don’t feel like one, I do the other. (I’m a very clever bunny really)

2. Hit the lake

There’s no better way to clear my head than going wakeboarding. When the sun is out and the water’s calm I grab my board and head to the lake. Nothing beats that feeling when you dunk your head under the cold water and I never feel more free than when I’m carving behind the boat or flying through the air.

3. Make like a monkey and climb

Climbing is my other go to sport. Seeing as you can do it indoors it’s a bit more winter-friendly than wakeboarding. The great thing about climbing is that it uses your brain as much as your body. Each route is a puzzle you have to work out before you even leave the ground. And, well, I’m a puzzle kind of gal.

4. Story Binging

This applies to both reading and watching TV. I suppose you could throw in movie marathons too but I’m more or a series lover. I’m still on my reading hiatus (I’m working on the basis that this is fine because I went through my kindle the other week and realised I’d read around 350 books over the past two years.) So TV has been my go to chill out hobby. Keep your eyes peeled for a ‘What I’ve been watching’ blog post.

5. Sims

For those of you who agree that Sims 2 is by far the best sims ever to grace our computers there is a freshly baked batch of cyber brownies for you to guzzle on (lactose-free of course – YOU CANNOT TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! Sorry, mini-rant over, but seriously, you can’t). 

I don’t play a lot of games and I have a pet-hatred of the word game being used as a verb but I can spend hours on Sims 2. I think I like it because you’re still creating stories and characters but in a far more chilled, far less effort kind of way.

6. Forever Friends

It probably says a lot that chilling with friends is number six on my list. I do have them, promise (and no, they’re not just clones of Sasha). A lot of the time when I don’t feel like writing it’s because I want to spend time with other people. Writing is a very solitary thing and sometimes you just need to chat with people in the real world.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’ve got the writing blues at the moment so I suppose you could add writing a blog post to the list. That’s a form of communicating. You guys are kind of real right?



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