Writing Research and Lovely People

Hello all,

I’m behind on the Book of the Month posts but fear not, they are on their way. Hint: February’s BoM involves notes on chemistry tables and a lot of laughs. Anywho, in the mean time, let’s talk about research.

I’m doing a writing course at the moment and the topic this week was research. One of the things that had the most impact on me was being told to talk to people. (A strange and nerve-wracking for a bookworm such as I) BUT it made a lot of sense. When you speak to someone you don’t just get the facts, you get the emotions too, you get the story. In my work in progress my protagonist is introduced to Tai Chi. SO… I went to a Tai Chi class at my gym and afterwards I told the instructor that I was writing a novel and would love to ask her some questions. Surprise, surprise, she was happy to! Apparently people like talking about what they do. (SHOCKING, right? Um, no Charlie, no.)

So my wonderful Tai Chi instructor gave me her email and I sent her my questions. Two days later I received the most awesomest (probably not a word) reply. She answered questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask and it was super cool to have someone else talking about my character as if they were a real person (they are real! they are!).

After I looked at the information she gave me (which, by the way, included videos as well – how cool is that?) I got to cherry pick the details that will, (fingers crossed) make my story believable. Guys… researching a book is so much more fun than researching an essay! So stop reading this. Go. Do it! Research, write, have fun!

Ta ta, for now.

Charlie the Researcher


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