Book of the Month: January 2018

And we’re back! I’m happy to say I’ve started the year as I mean to go on by reading a ridiculous amount of books in one month and now it is time to choose which one of them has made it to the top. I have done so, although I’ll admit it was difficult. I’ve read some wonderful books this month including Jessica Sorensen’s Sunnyvale Series and Robin Benway’s Emmy and Oliver but luckily for you I’m the one who has to make the tough choices and you get to sit back and reap the rewards. So without further ado January’s Book of the Month is…

The Conspiracy of Us By Maggie Hall

The Conspiracy of Us is the first of a trilogy and I’m taking a gamble here and betting that the rest of the series is going to be as good as the first book as I am yet to read the others. In the end I had to choose this as the Book of the Month because it falls into one of my favourite tropes: Secret Society Stories. Now, perhaps I’m not looking in the right places but I’ve found these books are few and far between these days and I wish there were more. Here’s three reasons why I think Secret Society Stories kick ass:

  1. They have no magic and yet they are the most magical stories in existence.
  2. Tension, betrayal, love, fighting, life and death situations, you name it they have it.
  3. PUZZLES! I love a good mystery and a secret society story is not a secret society story until it’s sent you all over the world chasing clues.

And then there is the protagonist. The girl everyone is after. You can guarantee she will be kidnapped at least once. Cliche? Maybe. But seriously, who doesn’t love a good kidnapping? Fictional. Always fictional. Don’t kidnap, it’s bad. Also, try not to get kidnapped.

Maggie Hall did it all in The Conspiracy of UsWith a secret society rooted in the history of Alexander the Great, a girl with purple eyes and a boy who doesn’t burn, Hall takes us from Paris to Istanbul and back again in search of a treasure that could change the world. So what are you waiting for? There’s a treasure hunt for you to join…



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