Best Christmas Present Ever!

Yes, I do realise that we are now in February but as you may have noticed I went a little AWOL and now I have some catching up to do. Sasha, my wonderful partner in crime, gave me The Best Christmas Present Ever and yes, it deserves capitalisation. It is that good.

Before we go any further I should give you some background info. In the three months leading up to Christmas I was hard at work writing my novel, the main characters in which are called Kacey and Max. Whether she wanted to or not Sasha was taking this journey with me. Every day she’d get updates on progress, calls for help and a blow by blow account of the plot when things just weren’t working out. She was my sounding board and I can never thank her enough for being there, at the other end of my whatsapp.

Then Christmas came and Sasha did something wonderful for me. She brought my characters to life. She took all the information I’d been spouting at her for months (half of which, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think she payed any attention to) and she made this.


I cried. I never cry because I’m happy but I did when she gave this to me. I can’t really explain quite how amazing it felt to see my characters but perhaps if you are a writer you can understand.

So, everyone, meet Kacey and Max. One day I hope you can read their story.


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