I’m back, please don’t hate me…

Woohoo, it’s time for a new blog post! Now, I realise I have been a truly dreadful blogger these past two months and I should probably be put in the stocks and have rotten tomatoes thrown at me. Fortunately for me this whole blogging thing happens virtually so I can stay tomato free.

I do believe that I have a good excuse for my absence. I’ve been doing an awful lot of writing (just not for you guys. Again, my sincerest apologies.) I have finished my first book though so I’m feeling pretty proud right now (alongside my heap load of guilt for not blogging more of course.)

There’s been some ups and downs for me this year already. I applied to the Golden Egg Academy but unfortunately didn’t get in (luckily the universe decided to be nice to me and not give me a stomach bug the same week… yeah, right.)

On the positive side of things I got a Mslexia subscription for christmas which is totally 100 million hotdogs awesome and Sasha and I have a plan to enter a load of writing competitions over the next 6 months.

Mslexia led to the discovery of a website called Hour of Writes which is a weekly writing competition where you have an hour to write a story in response to that weeks title. It costs a little to enter but then the winner gets half of all the entry money and, well, it’s pretty damn fun. Strangely enough I’ve found that having a time limit really takes the stress away. Everyone understands that what they’re reading is first draft so there’s no need to freak out over editing and that impossible search for perfection. (Not that I do that…ever…)

I’m also getting back into writing flash fiction which I am planning on sharing on here in the near future so get ready to read some really short, really twisted, really Charlie-like stories.

Bye for now, promise not to disappear for so long this time,

Charlie x


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