Quito Días

So we survived the week which I’m starting to think is not a given in a place where the taxis’ have no seat belts and the buses are akin to kiddie roller coasters. We also managed to speak some Spanish and we are yet to get lost. What can I say, it’s a week of successes.

On Tuesday we took a bus tour around Quito which gave us fantastic views of the city. Ecuador is an odd combination of modern and old, run down and beautiful. You’ll find a glorious gothic church with a snow white neoclassical building on one side and a half built, narrow,concrete shop on the other. I described it as higgledy piggledy which got me a number of strange looks from my all American team mates and was followed by ten minutes of explaining what said phrase means.


The next day we headed to the equator line where Lilly, who is from New York, holds the true title of success as she managed to balance an egg on a nail. Alex, another of the leapers on the team, stands by his declaration that the equator line physics is a hoax. I, on the other hand found it pretty fascinating. There’s this thing called the Coriolis effect which means that in the Northern Hemisphere water drains anti-clockwise and in the Southern Hemisphere it drains clockwise.

After we visited the museum Marnie (who by the way used to be a baby model) showed me the ropes at Subway. That was one of the more normal meals we’ve had this week. I think I’ve tried more new foods in the past week than I have in the past ten years. On Wednesday we had this soup with a root vegetable called yuca, a type of corn called choclo and plantain which really is a savoury banana. The breakfasts at the hostel have been my favourite meals. Cereal and toast has gone out the window. Ecuadorian breakfasts consist of bread, some form of egg and fruit or salad. We’ve also discovered that Alex will happily finish off anyone’s leftovers.

Kenny and Fritz are the two other members of the team. Kenny is our very own ice hockey extraordinaire and Fritz, our resident German. We’re all still getting to know each other but, like I said, we made it through the first week and have arrived safely in Agato for the next part of our trip.


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