West Midlands Safari Park

You may have heard about my train journey to Birmingham. It was a great start to the weekend but the fun didn’t end there. The next day my brother took me to the West Midlands Safari Park so I’m going act upon our reserved rights to blog about camels. (No mascarpone though I’m afraid.)

Our trip got off to a rather stationary start when the car broke down just inside the gates of the Safari Park. I tried to magic it back to life but all that did was confirm that my Hogwarts acceptance letter didn’t get lost in the post. We did, eventually, get the car up and running and we set off through the Safari Park.

There were plenty of deer…I’m pretty sure that’s a deer… yep definitely a deer…maybe…IMG_0171 2

Then some goats… I’m calling this one Billy (original I know)


A Rhino and it’s baby…


We saw one of these little guys jumping across the road, like actually bounding kangaroo-style.


We made it all the way to the Elephant enclosure when the car spluttered to a stop. Our three trunked friends didn’t stay long which was probably for the best as two of the Safari’s keepers and my brother had to jump start the car. We then revved through the rest of the park and shot straight out onto the road home as we’d established that if my brother took his foot off the accelerator the car would die.


So we left the Safari Park, but not before we spent some time with this guy…


Have you ever seen a camel before? Because I hadn’t and oh my God they are fricken’ ginormous! Here’s the camel standing next to a car to give you some perspective.


I mean seriously, they’re humps are half my height!


This one stuck it’s head in our car – that was fun.


And look, they’re bums are so fluffy!


I now love camels. I would also recommend West Midlands Safari Park, it was great fun and if your car breaks down half way through then the staff are wonderful!


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