I went to Madrid and long story short I’m now banned from hide and seek

Hello there!

You haven’t heard from me yet, but I’m the other side of this blog.  I would love to say my irregularities are chiefly due to a busy lifestyle, but there’s also inherent laziness, poor time management and an obsession with lemons to account for.  

Anyway, I just decided to check in now that I’ve returned to the country.  My friends from uni decided to step into the new territory of taking holidays together and the result was quite a bit of fun, but also the helping of drama and events that are increasingly inexplicable.  To round things up, I’ve decided to make a handy list of what to look out for in Madrid:

1. Visit the crystal palace in the park!  Even better if you end up there during a poorly thought out game of hide and seek with your friends, and decide to stay, listen to music and get ice creams before finally being found.

2. Take a tour of the Prado!  Go with at least two art history students who can supply you with memes.  Enjoy the nicknames they have for each painting.  “Sexy Jesus” sticks out.  Stop at the gift shop on your way out, because you can purchase a playmobil Sexy Jesus there if you are so inclined.
3. Go to the Real Madrid stadium.  Go with your friends who also know nothing about football.  Have one football fanatic in the group who desperately tries to explain whilst the rest of you point out the shiniest trophies and play with the gadgets in the display rooms.

4.  Drink sangria after dinner.  Look after your drunk friends whilst they make friends with a waiter called Javier.  Never walk down that street sober again.

5.  Take a day trip to Toledo.  Wander around the many shops selling swords.  Ponder as to why there are so many swords.  Buy a sword, slay your enemies.  Stop to enjoy the cathedral.


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